Hostel U Svatého Štěpána v Litoměřicích hodnocení

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In cooperation with the Bishopric of Litoměřice and the Municipality of Litoměřice, we offer visitors of the town of Litoměřice simple and economical accommodation in the Diocesan House of Cardinal Trochta and in the nearby lodging house, both formerly used as halls of residence for seminarians.There are 40 beds available in the two-storey hotel-style lodging house and 120 beds in both hotel- and hostel-style rooms on the first and second floor in the Diocesan House of Cardinal Trochta.The 24-hour reception desk is situated on the ground floor in the Diocesan House of Cardinal Trochta. Guests may have breakfast, lunch and possibly also dinner in the restaurant and brewery Biskupský pivovar U sv. Štěpána located inside the House. There are offices of the Catechetical, Pastoral and Youth Diocesan Centres. Diverse meetings for the youth, children and families, priests, seniors and other groups take place in the House. There have already been a number of family celebrations and wedding breakfasts. Accommodation is suitable for both individual tourists and organised groups. Cyclists are welcome too; safe storage space for bicycles is provided. The courtyard is fenced off and is available for parking for 50 cars or 2-3 buses. The Bishopric of Litoměřice is owner of the premises, accommodation is provided by the Ltd In Principio, s.r.o. You can book accommodation completing a booking form.

Tower by the Cathedral of St Stephen

The Ltd In Principio s. r. o. administers also the tower by the Cathedral of St Stephen in Litoměřice which gives a wide view of the surrounding area. More information here

Biskupský pivovar U sv. Štěpána

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